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Dedicated to building
pathways for resilience
in the face of climate change.


A little bit about me

I spend most of my days dreaming of how to deepen connections to the biosphere on a mass scale. This requires a critical shift in the ways in which we engage with one another and an examination of how capitalism, white supremacy, and centuries-long destruction of our indigenous roots under colonialism harm our relationship to our beloved Earth.

I currently engage with groups doing work to shift our focus on community in the Just Transition of our local economies, and collective way of being.


I steward projects on climate and community.

Energy Democracy Project

National Campaign Coordinator. Energy democracy activists across the country are calling for control, ownership, and decision-making regarding energy resources to reside in the community rather than in remote corporate boardrooms as the failure of the centralized energy model become more evident in the face of ongoing climate disaster. 2022 is big year for our national movement--from Puerto Rico to Alaska, we're building people power to push for safe, reliable, resilient, sustainable, and equitable energy across the country.

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People Power Solar Cooperative

Worker Director. People Power Solar Cooperative is building a movement toward grassroots-led and community-owned solar, a critical piece of a justice-based transition to a sustainable economy.

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California Alliance for Community Energy

Steering Committee Member. We're organizing for real, equitable community energy and advocating for initiatives that advance local clean energy for the environmental, economic, and social justice benefit of our communities.

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Supporting The Bees!

Bee Keeper/Steward/Fan. These beautiful pollinators and their microcosmic patterns defy geopolitical borders, gender norms, and labor values. Ask me about how bees can help us rethink land outside of a neocolonial lens...


My creativity is a direct reflection of my interaction with and adoration for the Earth. I believe art to be a radical practice, that when paired with authentic connection to the land, our joys, and our griefs, opens up entirely new worlds of possibilities.




Making art on two wheels is an honor. Agile Rascal is a unique theatre company that tours original plays on bicycles.

Our mission is to make innovative theater accessible, promote cycling as a viable means of transportation, inspire reverence for our natural landscape and foster creative connections between artists, activists and cyclists.

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I am currently re-working my approach to performance and music-making, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2023, I am recommitting to a connection with Cumbia percussion and vocals patterns, and honoring its rich traditions rooted in the Afro-centric Caribbean coast of Columbia that has grown to reflect the mezcla that is intrinsic to latinidad. I'm also exploring folk music, and its practice as an expression of love for the natural environment.

Catch me at an open mic near you, or check out a recent Jan 2023 collaborative project Creative (Re)Awakening.




Cycling is a practice in meditation, humility, and ancestral connection. In 2023, three Boricuas will be traveling to Borikén (Puerto Rico) to reconnect with our home waters, create together, and heal together.

This is an ancestral journey via bicycle to pay tribute to those who came before, the dynamics of our 21st century identities, and the future generations to come.


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Spending time with the natural world inspires me to dream of new futures, and of our collective liberation.

Ride for Racial Justice

In 2023, I was an athlete with Ride for Racial Justice, a nationwide organization expanding access to resources, education, and community for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) cyclists and to dismantle systemic racism so that EVERYONE can feel safe, free, and empowered to ride a bicycle. I rode in SBT GRVL in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with the Ride for Racial Justice team!

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Orgs I love

  • Sogorea Te Land Trust:  Powerful initiatives led by Indigenous Women. Consider paying your Shuumi (land tax), as a resident/visitor/fan of the East Bay.

  • Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy: The Tongva Taraxat Paxaava Conservancy, which roughly translates to “the people’s land” is the very first plot of land returned to the original people of Los Angeles. 

  • Brown Girl Surf:  A sweet crew building a surf culture & community rooted in joy, inclusion & self-empowerment. Join us in the water!

  • California Field School: An Oakland-based org taking youth on adventure learning bike tours exploring social and environmental justice.

  • .....and there's way too many to highlight! Reach out with questions & suggestions.

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