In 2021, I've committed to a balance of offerings that support Just Transitions of our local economies:

Interested in partnering? Please reach out.

Check out some of my recent partners:

People Power Solar Cooperative
Community Foods Market (Oakland, CA)
Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association (Bay Area, California)
City Slicker Farms (Oakland, CA)
bombilla (Oakland, CA)
FIRE FARMS (Oakland, CA)
Agile Rascal (National)
Fresh Life Foundation (Oakland, CA)
KSE Outreach (Oakland, CA)
Opterra Energy Services (National, US)
ENGIE North America (Global)
Karma Yoga Tribe (Bay Area, CA)
Moonstruck Collective (Bay Area, CA)
BareStage Productions (Berkeley, CA)
SUPERB Productions (Berkeley, CA)